Early anecdotal data indicates that COVID lockdowns, which were imposed to minimize the pandemic, have influenced the lifestyles of Americans.  COVID lockdowns may have resulted in widespread financial stressors and economic concerns, confined citizens to their homes for extended periods of time, and forced isolation.  For individuals of all ages, this led to boredom, financial stress, anxiety, depression, and unhealthy behaviors such as increased use of substances and poor eating habits.  This ultimately resulted in weight gain, higher BMI, and obesity, which has the potential to cause related health risks such as diabetes and heart disease.

ImCal has provided comprehensive, integrated primary care services since 2016 via our ImHealthy clinic.  Our primary care team is comprised of a licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Medical Technician/Care Coordinator.  ImCal is pleased to announce the addition of a licensed Dietician to our comprehensive team.  Our dietician will focus on improving the dietary and metabolic health of the individuals served and ImCal staff.