Was your child denied Medicaid because you make too much money? Starting January 1, 2022, if you have a child – up to age 19 – with a disability, you can apply for Louisiana’s new Act 421 Children’s Medicaid Option (CMO) program! This new Medicaid state plan option can open the door to additional services for your child and Imperial Calcasieu HSA is here to help you navigate the process.


The first step is to apply for Medicaid indicating on the application that your child has a disability. Don’t know how to apply? You can apply online at https://sspweb.lameds.ldh.la.gov/selfservice/ or call 1-888-342-6207.  Once the application is completed and it is determined that your child doesn’t qualify for other Medicaid plans, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) will mail a packet out to you to complete and return.  LDH will review the packet for completion and then forward that information to our ImCal’s Developmental Disabilities Division. A representative will then contact you to complete the assessment process and determine if your child meets the Level of Care requirement for the disability.


For more information on Act 421: